Victory 2014



Congratulations to Harrison Craig, Winner of The Voice 2013!

Check out the Grand Final Performance!


David Jaanz school of singing ”creating the stars of tomorrow”

The David Jaanz school of singing has been operating for over two decades and are the global leaders in developing talent from the “ground up” junior level.

Students that started at junior level include Winner of the Voice Australia 2013 Harrison Craig, Caterina Torres, Bonnie Anderson (winner Australia’s got talent), Matt Corby, and Daniel Merriweather.  The school has produced several national champions, aria award winners and recording stars.

David Jaanz personally coached Delta Goodrem on her record breaking debut album “innocent eyes” which broke all records and is the highest selling album in Australian history.  This sold 4.5 million copies worldwide with the album at no 1 for 29 weeks on the Australian charts.

David also personally coaches Harrison Craig, Caterina Torres and several industry stars and professionals.

David Jaanz is regarded as one of the leading “star makers” and coaches in the world.


The teachers at the school are hand picked by David Jaanz and trained in his unique approach “Emotion centred singing.”

Only accredited current David Jaanz coaches are allowed to use this star building system.



Words cannot express how honoured I feel to receive the 2013 Student of the Year award at the David Jaanz School of Singing Top 30 showcase. But I’d like to say what I wanted to say on stage, if I hadn’t been totally choked up and lost for words:

Four years ago, I didn’t sing or play guitar (and never had before), I had never written a song before, I didn’t know how to record or mix music, I smoked, I spent all day and night playing computer games, I had a lot of issues with depression and anxiety, and I was practically sleeping through lectures in a university Arts degree. I was unhappy and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I am so incredibly grateful to have found Jaanz, because David taught me that I could dream big and live a better life. Apart from increasing my range by an octave, he gave my life purpose, passion and joy.

Now, 200 original songs later, a year after quitting smoking, half way through recording (and self-producing) my debut album, I am so incredibly happy, and so proud to be a part of such an amazing family of champions.

You all inspire me so much! After helping out as a stagehand and talking with each act during the showcase week right before their performances, I have seen the passion, drive and determination that every student at Jaanz applies to their music.

And after looking up to and being inspired by so many of the previous recipients of this award, such as Fatai V, Annabelle Priftis, Kaity Dunstan, Jeremy Boctor and Alanna Deutrom, who are all well on their way to successful careers in the music industry, I feel incredibly honoured to have been chosen this year.

I will never forget the first lesson I had with David, when he said, “I can teach you to sing well with my eyes closed. Developing your character and helping you to become a great artist is the real challenge.” Apart from being a fantastic singing teacher, David is also an amazing mentor, life coach, and artist developer who has an incredible gift in bringing out the best in people. David always tells us that when you fly with eagles, you become one, and I know this year with his support I will be able to soar.

Dan Krochmal